fude/shikkoku × レストランよねむら

  • Where there is a journey, there are meals. This time, the choice is “restaurant YONEMURA”. So let’s wear the best outfit for this trip, which is the most suited to this restaurant. For the delicate white blouse, you should go with shikkoku the fude series. As its name suggests, the beautiful shikkoku clutch bag is made of the high quality cowhide that fits well to your skin. The backside has wet gloss and very smooth unborn calf texture.

  • Through the modern stonewall alley with stone paved path from Kodaiji, there is a house. Pass the Bordeaux colored curtain, you will find the beautifully prepared interiors and lively chefs inside. Uncategorizable unique dishes, which are made by the chef Yonemura, are consisted of surprising ingredients and the amazing plate selections. The food that can stimulate your five senses and the finest Omotenashi will surely satisfy you.

レストラン よねむら 祇園本店 京都市東山区八坂鳥居前下ル清井町481-1 TEL 075-533-6699 営12:00~13:00(L.O)/17:30〜21:00(L.O.) 火曜定休
481-1, Kiyoicho, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0821, Japan TEL +81(0)75-533-6699

fude/shikkoku 35,000yen + tax