tabi × Bijuu

  • Checking in to the high-class residence where you can experience the unusualness. Depending on the atmosphere of the place, how you will spend the time, what you will bring and want to wear is going to change. Very soft leather tote bag “tabi”, which is attached to a trunk and made of a combination of cowhide and unborn calf, assists to create the relaxing atmosphere. Of course, SŌLI clutch is recommended for the bag-in-bag style. We wish you to have the luxurious time by reading books, enjoying the scenery, and sleeping in with no distraction.

  • The private residence “Bijuu”, which is produced by the 180 years old traditional Kyoto style pickles shop “Murakamijyuhonten”, is located in very nice area called Shijyoukawaramachi. The designer’s suite “501” which takes up the entire floor, is designed by Teruhiro Yanagihara, who is recognized internationally. Through the window, you will have the great view of Higashiyama and Hatogawa. And if you take a look inside, you will find the big bathtub that is placed in the middle of the floor, fine arts and Ikebana that are selected from all over the world, and stimulating environment that is so inspiring for your inner senses.

Bijuu 京都市下京区木屋町通四条下ル船頭町194 村上重ビル TEL 075-353-0802
194, Sendocho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 600-8019, Japan TEL +81(0)75-353-0802

tabi 42,000yen + tax